' Experience Our Revolutionary Technology for Upgrading Lower Selection to Higher by using Sellam Finishing Compacts, Wet Blue & Wet End Upgradation Products'
About SCPL
Sellam is an Indian chemical company, headquartered in Chennai, India.

It is a vital player in Indian and global markets for Leather Finishing, Wet Blue and Wet End upgradation chemicals, providing a comprehensive range of more than fifty specialty products in past few decades.

Sellam Chemicals was founded and established by Mr P Gopalakrishnan, a Master Degree holder in Leather Technology from Chennai (Madras), India. The company started with a single product in the year 1985 by the technocrat-founder, has gradually grown into a private limited firm, now manufacturing a range of fifty finishing, wet end and wet blue upgradation chemicals.

Sellam’s service to render “Solutions for Selections” towards the leather industry over the period of years has provided a competitive positioning in the market place.

The factory is equipped with modernized stainless steel reactors, glass line reactors, stainless steel centrifuge, fluid transfer pumps and effluent treatment plant to manufacture the unique blend of upgradation chemicals for the leather industry. The company at present holds capacity to produce 3000 metric tonne of chemicals per annum and plans to expand in scale according to the future requirements.

Sellam’s management team, marketing executives, highly qualified technicians, work force for productivity and supply of products work in-line toiling towards the success of company.

Experts from research institutes and leather industry are consulted on sensitive issues in the field to provide a better solution.

Sellam Chemicals are in compliance with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations and the products are free from substances in the candidate list of SVHC (Substance of Very High Concern)