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Domestic Products


Seldeebin Top V
Albumin based shiny hard binder for high gloss glaze / plate finish.

Seldeebin G
Medium hard glossy binder for glaze / plate finish.

Seldeebin KM
Superior version of Seldeebin G.

Seldeebin VM
Economical version of Seldeebin G.

Seldeebin GK
Soft elastic glossy binder for polish / glaze / plate finish.

Seldeebin MR
Waxy soft elastic glossy binder film for waxy protein finish.

Seldeebin VP
Anionic Burnish compact for full Grain and corrected burnish leather. Excellent burnishability.

Seldeebin MK
Cationic casein for polish / glaze / Plate finish. Excellent sealing and Covering.

Seldeebin MKM
Matt version of Seldeebin MK for burnish base and top coat.