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Seltanfill GPG
Sellam is a pioneer in manufacturing hi-tech upgradation finishing chemicals for the leather industry since 1985.

Sellam Chemicals are eco-freindly adhering to environmental standards and widely used across the globe.

Sellam Chemicals stand unique in the industry by its own nature of products. It can be used in all types of finish and diverse range of leather.

As an Indian chemical manufacturer with Rich experience in leather finishing, continuous R&D and Competence in Technology, Sellam has launched a Revolutionary Wet Blue & Wet End Upgradation filler “SELTANFILL GPG” to extend its exclusive service for the industry.

Seltanfill GPG is an indigenous solution to upgrade the selection of all types of leather, either in Wet Blue process or in Re-Chrome / Retanning process itself.

* Based on Microscopic Study Report from Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI)

» No Snuffing » No Impregnation » No Loading on Grain » Aniline Look Preserved
» No Rejection » No Dead Stock » Increase in the Area » Higher Profit

Seltanfill GPG can be used for production of upgraded, plump, soft, tight and fine grain leather with pleasant silky touch

Practical Values of GPG

  • Lower selection is upgraded to higher selection resulting in higher unit value realization
  • No need to load the grain in finishing, aniline look of finished leather is preserved even in the lower selections
  • Reduces the time in finishing. It takes only 30 minutes running time after bacification in wet blue process or after wetting back in Re-chrome process / after neutralisation in Retanning process
  • Diminishes the visibility of vein marks, growth marks, drawn grain, grain off, scratches and pin holes
  • Increase in thickness (plumpness) of the leather
  • Imparts a fine and uniform grain throughout the leather
  • Marginal increase in the area of leather
  • If there is no rejection, no dead stock is a great relief for the tanners.
  • One can easily produce saleable quality full grain leathers out of available lower selection

Use Sellam’s upgradation filler to experience the advantage of a new concept in Wet Blue & Wet End processing and maximize your profits.